This is a question that has tickled many minds. Are LED panel lights fireproof? As the technology is taking steps ahead every day, there are more questions arising in the minds of people. We have the answer to your question, it is yes. We will tell you why it is very unlikely that a LED light panel will catch or produce fire but before that, you need to know many things. Below are the factors why LED lights are said to be heat proof.

What causes the fire?                

The main reasons why a LED catches fire is either temperature or most commonly, overheating. Let us talk about why it will not catch or produce fire as of why it is less electric risk equipment.

Why won’t they catch fire?

They might not be hot when it comes to touching them but they are not at all near to hot things like CFL, incandescent bulbs or halogen. Good quality LED lights produces light at a very low temperature. Traditional bulbs use a filament to heat up and because of the loss of lots of power through heat emissions, they heat up. These panels do not produce heat as IR like incandescent bulbs.

The thing which makes them suitable for use in small and contained places or in places where the temperature is maintained is that the ambient temperature is not affected by LED lights. This is what makes these lights eco-friendly. To control the color, it is necessary to maintain very low temperature. If the LED gets hot, it can affect the color the color rendering of the LED lights.

The temperature of a LED

If we talk about the temperature of the LED, the warm most part of a LED is just the half of the temperature of a bulb which has incandescent or halogen or something which is equal to it. LED lights are 20 percent cooler than CLF light bulbs. It is the heat sink which is located at the base of the bulb which drives most of the heat to one place and keeps all the electronic devices relatively cool as compared to other devices. This is the reason why LEDs have longer life spans and the manufacturers give lifelong warranty to their customers. In simple words, a LED does not waste its energy by producing heat. Instead, it uses the same heat to produce more light.

In the end, we would say that one of the main reasons why they are fireproof is that they consume very less power which makes them less heated and therefore makes them environment-friendly equipment. Now, that we have told you why LED lights are fireproof, you can feel free to buy them. If you are willing to buy good quality LED panel lights, then we would suggest you go and check out the Loevet store, a China-based store which provides a wide range of lights and they will guide you if you want lights according to your requirements.