Can red light therapy cure colitis? That is a question that many people suffering from this chronic disease ask. The short answer to the question is yes, it can. However, you have to understand how this therapy works.

When you suffer from Crohn’s Disease, you will find that your body produces an excessive amount of inflammation. This leads to diarrhea and rectal bleeding. If it is not treated, then you may also suffer from rectal ulcers and skin infections. The good news is that if you use red light therapy on a regular basis, then you will be able to control some of these side effects of the inflammatory process.

When you consider whether red light therapy will work for you or not, you have to first understand how it works. Your body is affected by the inflammation, which causes it to produce an excess of mucus and other substances that help to protect you from infection. However, if this process is allowed to continue unchecked, then this can bring about all sorts of complications for you.

When this happens, then your digestive track becomes severely compromised. You may even find that you have a severe case of dehydration. Your liver is damaged due to the damage to the intestinal walls. This can lead to serious side effects such as liver failure. If left untreated, it can even lead to death.

Fortunately, there are other options available for you other than red light therapy. In fact, recent studies are showing that infrared therapy, or phototherapy, may be able to help you much more effectively manage this condition. Some of the symptoms associated with Crohn’s include severe cramping, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

So can red light therapy cure colitis? It certainly appears to be a possibility. But in order to determine whether or not it is effective, you need to understand more about the way it works. There are two main types of phototherapy, both of which have been shown to be very effective at helping to manage the symptoms associated with Crohn’s. Although there is still no clear cut answer as to whether it can cure colitis, the evidence is very promising.

Both of these methods use a similar method of delivering light into the affected area. They differ mainly in the delivery medium, although the strength and duration of the light beams are similar. In terms of the actual treatment process, phototherapy is usually administered with a laser. The laser is used to kill off any excess bacteria, as well as to speed up the healing process. The actual lasers vary widely between practitioners, but many are quite powerful.

Can red light therapy cure colitis? The short answer to the question is yes. It has been used to treat this condition for quite some time, and is now receiving attention from a number of innovative doctors. Clinical trials are currently underway, with up to date information expected in the next few years. It is hoped that within a few years, we could see a new way of managing and treating this painful disease. It will be exciting to see how this technique fares, especially as it stands to offer many improvements over the current method.