The LED tri-proof lights are basically an ecofriendly substitute for traditional florescent tubes. These lights are known for having the properties of perfectly illuminating any kind of surface areas such as car parking lots, grocery stores, gyms, long corridors, offices and so on. Some of the most popular LED tri-proof lights consists of the bullet LED tri-proof light, tubular LED tri-proof light and the mini LED tri-proof light. Whether you own a huge business or just want to illuminate a small area, you can always choose the best light according to your requirements. All these lights have a different design and overall appearance giving you that perfect look you always wanted. Some of them may look like a tubelight but are actually running with high power LED lights.

Can withstand severe conditions  

The LED tri-proof lights are specially designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. To be exact, these lights can withstand over 50 degrees of heat temperatures. They are also water proof and dust and bacteria proof which means that once you install them, they will work perfectly fine for multiple years. Whether there is humidity, fog or moisture in the area, the LED tri-proof lights will work unharmed. No matter what the conditions are, there will be no effect on the range and throw of the light. It will remain same as it was when you installed it.

Reduce energy consumption

The LED tri-proof lights will help you reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%. Plus there is no sign of carbon dioxide emission with these lights. They are designed in a way to keep the environment clean and green. They do not heat up and do not generate any kind of carbon dioxide emission. By reducing energy, you get to save your cost on your electricity bills. The reduction in consumption also allows you to place more lights in one area giving you that perfect illumination you always wanted.

Looks attractive

Unlike many other lights, the LED tri-proof lights also happen to have a sleek and attractive design making your area look beautiful and well lit at the same time. As mentioned above, these lights come in multiple designs and the unique part about all of them is the build quality. Besides from being attractive, you also get to mount the lights in various different ways. Light comes with many options that can allow you to mount it anywhere and anyhow from wall mounting installation to suspensions.

Solid build quality

Each LED tri-proof light goes through a series of quality check procedures so that the light can withstand impact, heat, water, dust and everything that comes near it. Even if the light is exposed to extreme heat, the thickness ensures that it is able to withstand high temperatures without melting the coatings. The double and thick layer of the lights also makes them shockproof and vibration proof, the thick layer also eliminates the chances of electric shocks.