Fluorescent tube lamps have been used for many years. Although these are low in cost and can produce illumination in public spots and working spaces in an economical way, these are fast being replaced by a newer type of light – LED panel lights. Both LED panel lights and Fluorescent tube lamps come with their pros and cons, and seem to be winning customers’ attention. Find out which one is the better of the two.
Fluorescent Tube Lamps
These are made out of a long glass tube having metal fittings on either side, where electric current is passed through. The inner chamber of the tube has a small amount of magnesium as well as an inert gas, generally argon. The glass’ inner part has a phosphorous powder coating. When electric current gets passed into the metal caps located on either side, it can light up the magnesium present within the tube. Then, the magnesium atoms produce energy as UV light that cannot be seen with the help of the naked eye. Once the ultraviolet rays touch the phosphorous coating the phosphorous starts radiating, and produces light.
LED Panel Lights
LED panels, as compared to fluorescent illumination sources, do not have an insert gas within them. Rather than this gas, the whole structure of LED has a substance known as a semiconductor. This is a solid substance and makes LEDs slightly longer lasting. Once electric current moves through this semiconductor, the electrons present within starts to shake. Energy is released as visible light.
LED Panel Lights VS Fluorescent Tube Lights
LED panel lights have many advantages over fluorescent tube lights, as have been consistently proven through numerous studies.
Fluorescent tubes have a lower upfront cost, and are great choices for those who wish to pay less for the purchase of illuminants. However, LED panels can help you to save money over the long term. These come with the promise of variable colors, long term savings and fantastic performance, and there no harmful substance is contained inside. If you have a business space to illuminate, and you need a number of lights, it is better that you opt for LED panels. These lights also need less amount of maintenance because long warranty period is offered.
Energy Usage
Although LEDs are pricier to buy than fluorescent lights, these use much less amount of energy. The lights draw less than a fourth of the energy that is consumed by fluorescent lamps, but convert 80% of the energy drawn into light energy while the latter produces only 20% of the electricity consumed as light and wastes the rest in the form of heat.
LEDs are more attractive in design and can produce many colors as compared to fluorescents that can produce only two colors. Fluorescent tubes need some time to come to complete brightness but LED lights can be turned on instantly and immediately come to their full luminosity. Unlike fluorescent tubes, LED lights happen to last for more time and are not noisy while in operations unlike fluorescent tubes.