Arthritis sufferers are probably all too familiar with red light therapy. If you are not, you should be. This is a fairly new medical procedure that has recently started to gain in popularity. What it involves is the use of lasers to treat certain arthritic or painful conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other painful disorders or ailments. These procedures are becoming more popular, so hopefully you will see the benefit of this type of therapy one day.

Red Light Therapy For Arthritis  Red Light Therapy Guide

Red light therapy for arthritis uses special lasers that target the area of pain. When the laser emits energy, the electrons flowing through the cells of the body collide with the high energy beams. The collision sends off a shockwave, which interrupts the chemical reactions in the cytoplasm of the cells. This disrupts the ability of the cells to carry out their tasks and causes the pain to temporarily disappear.

There is no evidence to suggest that red light therapy for arthritis is effective in relieving the arthritic pain directly. However, many patients have found great relief by being exposed to this type of light for only fifteen minutes at a time on a daily basis. This short exposure has been found to make the skin of the affected area smoother and less red in color. In addition, it has been reported that the number of pain signals sent to the brain is reduced when the body is subjected to this type of light, which means that the suffering is reduced.

Some patients may experience slight discomfort while being treated using red light therapy for arthritis. However, most people do not even notice it. If you have any concerns at all about the possibility of side effects from this treatment, you should inform your doctor or health care provider before proceeding. There is also the potential for serious complications to occur if the light therapy is done incorrectly. Therefore, you should follow all recommendations given to you by your physician or family members.

Red light therapy for arthritis is used in many different ways. It can be used to treat aching muscles, sprains, bruises and more. While the treatment is commonly recommended for athletes and those in very physically active positions, it has been shown to be beneficial to anyone suffering from some type of skin ailment. Many people report having very positive results with this type of light treatment. Their skin begins to improve immediately, and their pain is reduced significantly.

Some doctors use red light therapy for arthritis to treat sickle cell disease in the blood. Sickle cell disease attacks the cells that produce a person’s blood. It can be very debilitating for those who suffer from it, and it can be very serious in some cases. The symptoms of sickle cell disease include fatigue, anemia, pain and swelling of the legs. Because these types of ailments are associated with a low blood flow to the feet, the use of light therapy for arthritis could provide relief. For those who believe they have been affected by this disease, it may be worth the time to see a doctor about a treatment option.