Nowadays, people prefer things that are less space consuming for their rooms. For example, people now prefer cupboards that are already built within the walls of the room as they are less space consuming. Same happens when it comes to lights. People want them to consume less space yet look stylish. This is where surface mounted LED lights come in handy. This is because they consume less space and look super stylish. Here are some benefits of these surface mounted LED panel light that you must know.

Less Heat

The SMD lights emit a very little heat as they have very low voltage and current requirements. Like a standard light which emits diode, a surface mount LED gives off no heat at all. They are very human-friendly lights. Apart from their usage in rooms, these lights can also be seen in computer motherboards, USB flash drives, routers, hard drives and other applications which do not require much light. One of the reasons why they are made so that they emit less heat is because of their usage in the machines. On a larger scale, they are also used in the instrument panels in aircraft. This is what makes them human-friendly and now almost you can see these lights fitted everywhere.

Smaller Size

These lights are a very small source of light nowadays, as they are covered with epoxy resin. As mentioned earlier, people now want less space to be consumed which is why they prefer surface mounted LED lights. They consume very less space as they can be fitted in the corners and borders of the room. We cannot say that they are not used on a larger scale. Nowadays, these lights are used for indoor display screens. They work well because you can arrange a large amount of them in a tighter group of blue, green and red which generates a variety of lights and they look attractive. They are now found in big malls and stores as they are also using these lights in their large outdoor displays.

Low Power Consumption

One of the greatest benefits of having a Surface Mounted LED light is that they consume very low power. Generally, an SMD light is 2-3.6V with current 0.02A – 0.03A because of which it uses very less voltage and current. It consumes very low power which is approximately equal to 1/8 or an incandescent light and ┬╝ of a traditional light. It is because of its lower power consumption these SDM lights have a long lifespan. Although they consume very low power, they deliver a very bright light which is why it is not used almost everywhere, from huge shopping malls to small living apartments.

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