As we all know, LED lights are a new type of energy-saving and environment friendly light source, which has been increasingly used in industrial, commercial, home and other lighting applications. With the economic development, LED lights quietly came to all corners of our lives, and today, it is also installed on solar street lights. However, the LED light will have a light decay problem, which will greatly reduce the brightness of the street light and affect the street lamp to play its original role. Then why should the solar street lights use LED as light source instead of other ordinary energy-saving fluorescent lamps? Today, let me answer your questions.

1. Easy to install. The LED light source only needs to be installed directly. Even an inexperienced person can quickly install it by reading a manual.

2. Low energy consumption. LED light sources are more energy efficient than other light sources, they consume one-ninth the energy of incandescent lamps and one-third of other light sources. Not only that, but their lifetime is much longer than other light sources. For a long time, the energy saving effect is more obvious.

3. Lighting effects. The LED light source is unidirectional illumination, and the lighting effect is better than other common light sources, so there is no such phenomenon as diffusion.

4. Light color effect. As we all know, a great feature of LED light source is that it has a variety of light colors, which means it can bring a variety of effects.

5. Other. The advantages of green light and low glare of LED light source are also the reason why we choose it. It is more in line with our living standards.

Although the problem of LED light decay is not very serious, it is a headache if it appears. The reason why the LED decay problem occurs is that the heat dissipation module of the street lamp does not work properly. In this way, when we buy solar street lamps, the heat dissipation function is also a factor we should consider. Only when the heat dissipation function is good, we can try to avoid the light decay problem of the LEDs and affect the brightness of the street light. Moreover, once the light decay problem occurs, it will also affect the service life of the solar street lamps.

In addition, the solar street lights are basically used outdoors, which means that the outdoor environment will cause some interference. However, most manufacturers of solar street lamps now do anode treatment or spray paint on the street lamp housing to provide a certain protection.